Part Number: NCAV/HIVIZ - XS to XXL Category:

Our HiViz CarryAll Vest is the high visability fluro version of our underground mining vest. It is durable, comfortable & lightweightand is designed to replace all other equipment usually worn i.e. Lamp Belt, battery pouch, tool pouch, SR pouch etc.  It also has a multitude of compartments to hold any number of items.  All materials used are FR and of the highest quality for additional safety and durability. Padding and hip protection have been incorporated to ensure the vest can be worn for long periods with comfort.

Wearing the vest greatly reduces the impact of carrying such a lot of weight around the waist – all the weight is distributed over the shoulders and evenly around the body and there is no drag on the hips as is usually the problem with a waist belt.

Battery and Self-Rescue pockets are both replaceable; you can order replacement pockets or send the vest back to have them fitted in our workshop.  This feature will extend the life of your vest considerably.  Battery Pocket will fit both PED and ICCL battery systems and the standard SR pocket will fit SCSR systems such as CSE, FENZY etc.


Other Self-Rescue Pockets are available by request:

*Small filter self rescue unit

*Northern Lights Messenger Unit

*Drager Oxy3000 unit

*Any Self Rescue and battery pocket can be made to suit your needs .

ADJUSTMENT -Vests are adjustable to fit all sizes & heights –10 adjustment points are available and are situated at front of shoulders and on the front and back of the vest.  We recommend adjusting the vest at all points as necessary before adding equipment.

*D Links have been incorporated into the shoulder front  – These can also be utilized for Locks etc..  The vest has also been strengthened and reinforced in many areas.

*2 utility pockets on the front of the vest are very useful the for storage of a variety of items, tools etc.

*The generous application of reflective tape over the entire vest, gives the wearer a greater visibility.

*A holder on the back secures your battery cable and a pen/tool holder on the front can be used for pens or a variety of small tools.


HiVis Mesh Drink Bottle Holder            Part Number : MDBH/FL

This drink bottle holder is made from mesh for easy cleaning. It has a velcro tab that can be adjusted to suit a variety of drink bottle sizes

CARE      -Our Vests are also washable – cold wash only recommended

Part numbers for various sizes –

NCAV/HiViz-0XL                  – 48″ +    

NCAV/HiViz-Large             – 42”-48’

NCAV/HiViz-Med                 – 36”-40”      

NCAV/HiViz-Small              – 30”-34”              

NCAV/HiViz-XSML             – 28”-30” 


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