All of our
Mining Belts are made of heavy duty 4mm leather, coated to resist stretching in
wet conditions. They have been designed in our workshop specifically for the
Mining Industry.
 Our LBSBCSE range of belts
are extra wide and shaped for lumbar support.

They are padded with thick felt for extra comfort and come with nickle
plated hobble buckles and rivets for maximum wear and strength.
  The belt comes with wider straps to
accommodate the CSE self rescue and a battery and comes with a press studded
loop on the front to enable the device to be moved to the front of the belt for
easy access or when travelling underground. 
The comfort of this belt will be enhanced by the addition of our standard webbing harness WBSH/100 or our padded elastic/webbing x-harness WXSH102L- This belt is comfortable, hard wearing and very well priced. 
It comes in a wide range of sizes.


Part No’s

LBSBCSE/089 – 30″/76CM

LBSBCSE/090 – 32″/81CM

LBSBCSE/091 – 34″/86CM

LBSBCSE/092 – 36″/92CM

LBSBCSE/093 – 38″/96CM

LBSBCSE/094 – 40″/101CM

LBSBCSE/095 – 42″/106CM

LBSBCSE/096 – 44″/111CM

LBSBCSE/097 – 46″/117CM

LBSBCSE/098  – 48″/122CM

-Other sizes available.

Special alterations can be made to suit your specific needs.

For more information about our custom mining equipment contact us today!

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