Ped Pouch with Tool Holder & Eziscan

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This pouch is made to fit a PED – it comes with holders on the front to fit various tools, an interior holder for an EZISCAN, a Stanley Knife holder on the right side and 2 loops over the top to hold the battery securely in place.

All of our BATTERY POUCHES and PED POUCHES are designed and
manufactured in our workshop
.  We only use the best quality heavy duty 4mm
genuine leather to produce a high quality, long lasting pouch which is riveted
for extra durability.

Each type
of pouch comes complete with a right side Stanley Knife holder and one or two
loops over the top, which close with a press stud to keep the battery securely
in place.

very popular pouch, which will suit most Miners’ needs. Durable and made for
hard work.

alterations can be made to suit your specific needs.

the PDF below for information on this and other
BATTERY POUCHES in our range.

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